My first experience of EUCGL and 5HM – By Marnil04

My first experience of EUCGL and 5HM

So i have this friend of mine who i’ve been playing cod with on a not serious level, asking me if i wanted to go serious about my gaming on COD. I was like, why? i’m not good enough for it? i’m a noob, but he kept asking me ” come on martin, lets try it out, if u dont like it then quit.” and yes lads, you’re thinking right, that’s were my journey began. 

So i joined this team called WoW who played in a league called EUCGL that i’ve never heard about. My first thought was what the hell is this? must be some kind of a joke this league thing, that’s also one of my most dummest thought ever. This team was a competetive team, they were playing in a serious league, it might not have been like MLG CWL but.. these lads I was playing with and against knew how to fucking handle that saug and how to run those hardpoints. 

So from being my own, doing my own shit on public games thinking im fucking scump on cocaine to realize that im actually a complete rookie on cod. I started to adapt my role in this team that welcomed me with open arms, giving me the opportonity to grow as a player and as a person in this competetive cod world. 

I started off playing a few scrims with WoW and the first thing people say before the game starts is ” Sorry new guys, we gunna loose this ” and everyone was like ” yeah we gunna loose this”, my first reaction was, YES ofc we’re going to loose lads if u going into a match saying we are going to loose, simple math. Guess what, they were right, I was right. We lost the game, but I ended up top of the scoreboard cause I didnt go into the game thinking I was going to loose. 

This kept on going for too many scrims until I said that we cant go into a game thinking we going to loose, go into a game thinking we going to win instead. I dont know if it was me or if these lads been messing with me but we started to do better from us on the scrims from that point. We had the upportonity to get a few good recruits who had a lot of routine from playing comp cod, they made there impression in the team also. We actually stared to win a few scrims, and more people started to take this serious and wanted us to become a top team for the coming season.

The season 2 is coming up on us soon and it feels like we’re back to square one again after the dispand of WoW, but my gut says that its going to be a brilliant season for 5HM if we give 100% for it, but in this moment we need to create a fun atmospheric clan that can see the difference between being 100% competetive and focused when its league or scrims and when its normal days we can have fun talking and playing with eachother.

Our journey starts today, we are going to train harder then ever before, set up new tactic so when the season starts we are ready to fight with the top teams. 

Everyone thinks that we’re bots, well lads i have a message for you, these bots are going to chock you all this season, so you better watch your corners this season. 5HM are hungry.

By Marnil04


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