The League Rules

Probably the most important page on the entire site. Please note, rules are subject to change at the discretion of the League Board.

The following rules are subject to change as we progress through the league to keep it as safe and fair as possible!

  1. All hosts must be from a European country 
  2. No disrespect via messages on ps or facebook or in-game i.e tea-bagging, body shooting, emblem making or clan-tags.
  3. All games are to be played at the stated date and time unless agreed upon with both parties.
  4. No cod-casting or spectating of matches without prior concept from the league’s director.
  5. If a team doesn’t show up within 20 mins of the set time of an event. The game will go down as a forfeit and a 3 point win will be rewarded to the waiting team. The standard method for reporting a match dispute must be followed.
  6. If a complaint is made regarding Latency and connection delay it will lead to an investigation. Measures will be put in place to try and avoid such issues.
  1. Threatening, harassing, abusive or violent behaviour.
  2. Encouraging conduct that would be considered offensive.
  3. Derogatory terms towards others i.e race, colour, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation or family.
  4. Fraudulent behaviour.
  5. Bullying of any kind this includes continuous teasing or jokes going too far.
  1. Teams are to have a maximum roster size of 12 and a bare minimum of 8 
  2. Players may only play for one team during the duration of a single season. 
  3. Players can only be present on a single roster per League (Other games is fine)
  1. All League matches are to be played on the stated time and date set by the League Director. (Wednesday 21:00 GMT and Sunday 20:00 GMT)
  2. All 5 rounds are to be played on the night (This will allow for round difference to play a part in leaderboard standings)
  3. Maps and modes will be announced the morning of the day after each event.
  4. All maps and modes are to be played as stated.
  5. Scoring will consist of 3 points for a win and 0 for a loss.
  6. If a team is to drop out or be removed all remaining teams will be granted 6 points. Should a team disband during the course of a season, the League Director will be responsible for deciding on all players fates within that team on an individual basis to ensure fair treatment.
  7. Only players within your team roster are eligible to play during the course of a season. If a player takes part who isn’t present on your roster, the board will action an appropriate decision.
  1. The Hosting team will be on the left hand side of the fixture list.
  2. Lobby limit set to 10 (Unless League Director allows for Cod-casters)
  3. Privacy must be set to open.
  4. The most stable internet should host to ensure maximum smoothness and fairness.
  5. The Host must have knowledge of how to set up the in game settings and know the map and mode rotations for that week.
  6. If a connection issue occurs within first 50 points on hardpoint or first round of Control, similarly within first round of S&D match, the game is to be restarted.
  7. If a connection issue occurs after the first 50 point or first rounds of S&D or Control, the disconnected player must re join.
  1. If a team loses their rostered players and have no team they may reassign their roster (ONLY TO BE DONE ONCE)
  2. If a team is to lose all players rostered and can’t find replacements they will be withdrawn from league.
  3. If a team is to lose a rostered player and have no subs to replace they can add a player to their roster (Maximum 1 per occasion) but only if said player has not played for another team in the league. (only to be done twice per season)
  4. If a player cannot make a scheduled game and no sub is able to fill in the match will proceed as a 5v4 unless the game is rearranged and agreed upon by both teams and league board is informed.
  5. If the PSN server is down or an update impedes on the fixtures the matches will be postponed and a new date mutually agreed by both teams.
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