Looking to join the league?

Here at the European Community Gaming League we have an inclusive and not exclusive attitude towards competitive esports gaming. If your looking to sign up as a whole team or maybe as a single player, we can cater for you. We do have some requirements though which are detailed below.


In order to ensure the balance of the league we put in place a bunch of Terms & Conditions which can be found on the Footer Menu. Team Loyalty is one of the most important values we believe in here. Once you commit to a Team for a Season you must see it through till the end of it. Be sure to make the right choice.


It’s important that members are actively engaging with their teams and actively involving themselves in League Events. Everyone has a life outside of the League but a Season can be long, sometimes over 2 Months Long. Can you guarantee commitment over an extended period of time. Please ensure you can.


The most important thing is that your having fun. We all know playing in competitive matches can be stressful at times, especially when the stakes are high in a big match up. Don’t lose your head and let your team down. Not only will you play better when your calm but you won’t negatively effect your teammates. 

Request To Join (Player/Team)
As per our T&C's a full team roster includes a minimum of 8 players and a maximus of 12.
If your looking to join the league as a free agent tell us why you would like to get involved. If your looking to join as a whole team, let us know your best contact and how many members you are looking to get involved. If your are looking to join a current team in the League, please detail their name and your internal team reference.
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