How TO report?

The wonderful thing about this page is it makes it simple to report your match scores. The form below will guide you through the process from start to finish. You will notice every field requires an entry, we don’t like to guess results here, if you don’t know all the information needed, you won’t be able to submit your results.


Apart from match scores such as results from Hardpoint, Control and S&D rounds, you will also need to ensure you select the team you represent and the team you faced. We would recommend you choose a single person each event to report the scores, this also allows your whole team to learn the process. Duplicate result postings create more work.

when TO report?

In order to ensure a smooth operation, we would appreciate it if teams could submit their scores and results on match day evenings. As all submitted scores need to be reviewed we will always aim to have all scores updated on the day of the match. If teams don’t report their scores in a timely manner it causes unnecessary delays and leaderboard won’t be updated in good time.

Disputing results?

It’s important that we are clear when a dispute is necessary and appropriate and when it isn’t. I would strongly recommend taking a look at our T&C’s page before you make a dispute. For example, claiming the other team didn’t agree to the “no spitfire rule” you decided between yourselves before the game isn’t a good reason for a dispute as it isn’t in the actual Rules laid out by the League Board.

Reporting WHo played?

Within this community based league, every team has their own profile where all their achievements and merits are recorded for all to see. The same goes for every player in the league. On our system we track every individual players scores and achievements. We also track game history and of course any team transfers you may make during your journey with us. In order for our system to effectively manage this, we ask for a little help. You will be required to put down the names of the players who played in your match-up, from both teams.

Reporting MVP's

You will have noticed a brand new feature to the league in the way of our MVP Leaderboard. This clever table tracks every player in the league and ranks them by number of MVP’s given. There has been a new ruling for the way MVP’s are given out however. You will notice you will need to provide an MVP for both the opposing team and your own. The MVP leaderboards also shows each players favourite weapon, the role they play within their team and a bit of their personality in the way of a Moto. Like all information entered below, this is required.

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