My experience with TSU and EUCGL

My experience with TSU and EUCGL

TSU has been running for as long as I can remember, however I’m writing from when I joined TSU and entered EUCGL.

I joined TSU back in 2013 and back then they had a mode similar to league play but I can’t remember exactly what it was, anyways back then it was a team called Thol a team I joined in ghosts but little did I know members of TSU was also in it and as we played together fighting to win, it got heated with players and some chose to stay and some chose to leave, and that’s when TSU got back together (as I know it) I got approached by The co owner of TSU and got asked to join their team and leave Thol and without hesitation I did, because each scrim we had Against TSU they would slaughter us, so I made the jump and I haven’t regretted it since, from there we gathered players and got TSU fully running in MLG European league/ladder and every night we would play GB’s 3/4 times and when it came to the weekends it wouldn’t stop, we aren’t the best of teams but we put up a fight we won some lost some but we got back up and fought, we had a duo team and a 4v4 team on MLG than run like a dream. 

Throughout every call of duty we played competitive we trained, we won, we lost, arguments back and forth but WE stuck as a team through thick and think we played together, as time got on we had a good team to play with we had an amazing player DWARF he made us laugh in games and he would keep our spirit going! He’s the one who non stop harass us which made us laugh and get on and our games with him were brilliant however he was fighting a battle of his own. Cystic fibrosis! Which is deadly as some of you will know, it came to us as a shocker when we all found out he passed away! And as a tribute through our call of duty games, Ghost_TSU always has his clan tag as his user name and he will not take it off nor change it! He has also got a tattoo if his user name on this ark as a reminder that he’s always with us, Dwarf will remain in all our hearts and our controllers and we know he’s probably calling us worse than shit (sorry for the langue) but he made us stronger! 

As time gone by we called it… TSU took a long break in the competitive side we still played on the occasion but we all had our personal lives to live. 

Only up until a fair few weeks ago I joined the league to join FSG to see what sort of competition they were up against, they told me to join the EUCGL which I’ve never heard about, which I checked the website had a good look around and I was impressed, so scrim after scrim after scrim getting ready for season 2 I got my old players to join from TSU, and day by day went where we were scrimming against some good teams within the league, as time got on there were some complications! However FSG are a good set of lads and season 2 they have a good team to get going and make a run for their money! 

We all parted way….. again 2 players joined Wow and I joined illusive and again as time went by we fought and scrimmed and I was getting back into things and loved it! Both teams illusive and WOW (which are now 5HM) are a good set of lads they have a laugh they support each other they play doesn’t matter if they win or loose they carry on! 

At this point TSU had a good old chat about getting the team back together! So we did! And for season 2 we are as ready as every with some fresh players to TSU we welcome you all! And all we ask of them is loyalty and commitment as the same 5 players In TSU have been together for years and each one of us have been approached to join better teams but we stick together! As we are all loyal to the team! 

So looking forward for the games and may the best team win!

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