Our first season as a team – By Kieran1119

Laminar Flow - Our First exposure to competitive cod

Coming into this season and our first season as a team only being formed in the middle of December we were still a pretty new team especially with a few of us being completely new to competitive call of duty. Our ambition ahead of the season was to put in a good performance and ideally to win the league if possible. We also picked up a good player in Xilations who had just become a free agent which only boosted us as a team and made us stronger. Ultimately as the season progressed we started to play better as a team and improve and ended up winning the league.

Coming into the new season competition is closer than before so we know that it wont be easy to retain our title but that is our intention and we look forward to playing against the new teams.

We are also (some of us who are older enough) going to CWL London to play in what would be my first lan experience in a mix with some of the guys from our other team over at Laminar Rising which will be fun to see how far we can go. We are looking to see how far we can progress as a team and improve to achieve as much as possible.

Bring on season 2 and see you all there.


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