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From its first conception over 6 months ago to its official launch back in December 2018, the EU CGL has grown from a simple passion project of mine, to a totally unique gaming platform experience. With the amazing joint support from the likes of SMG, UGT, FSG, Rogue and Retribution, it was clear our vision for what the EU CGL could become was shared amongst all, both in concept and in practice.

The League has evolved from a small 10 team Black Ops IIII league to a multi-divisional, multi ladder system with a huge amount of potential still to be realized. With the introduction of a brand new Enterprise level Project Management tool to track our ongoing progress and development, exciting times definitely lay ahead. Myself and the board want to continue to grow not just in size, meaning more teams and gamers, but also in scope and the offerings we provide to all our teams and their members.

As with anything in life, there are costs associated with actions and this type of application development currently is very manageable in terms of running costs. It certainly helps that there wasn’t any programming or design costs as this time has been volunteered. The newly established Administration Team also play a key supporting role as we continue to develop new features and offerings for everyone to enjoy.

The individual funding the league is currently running from does have its limitations and as a result, there are some amazing features that we simply are unable to currently offer the community. I have detailed below 3 examples of features that are currently in the development pipeline but are being blocked by the lack of funding.

Bracket style tournaments, single and double elimination brackets, FA CUP and World Cup group stage style: This feature can’t currently be implemented due to the system we currently have in place in regards to submitting your game scores. Scores aren’t currently processed in real time but manually inputted so logistically this style of tournament is near enough impossible to run logistically. There are other leagues that simply use other companies software to do this but we want our own unique and bespoke system were we can have full control over its features.

Team Management Dashboards: We are currently working on a fully fledged Team Management system were Team Leaders can login to their own teams unique and individually bespoke Team Dashboard and can self manage themselves. Each teams dashboard would be specifically branded to match each and every team in the league. For example, Fish Slap Gaming might have a Marine Blue theme with lightning yellow buttons with their emblem proudly presented. Although looking awesome, the features this Dashboard would offer would be game-changing. Team leaders would have full control over their team rosters, meaning you can fill out your own members profiles and build out your own teams page, you could even import live facebook and twitter feeds straight onto your teams page on the website. Roster changes would go into a review hub for approval by the Admin Team. This system would also allow new teams to build themselves up quickly and register ahead of time for new seasons and tournaments without the need to send in roster lists as it would all be self serviced. This Dashboard would be unlike anything seen before in an Esports platform, not even the market leaders in this arena offer team specific management tools like the EU CGL could offer.

This is just 2 examples of many features that we want to bring to the league that are restricted in their development due to funding.

As a collective community of like minded gamers, we just want to come online and enjoy ourselves and compete in a challenging and respectful environment. For the price of just a couple coffee’s (or pints) money donated by gamers like you, who are also the real reason the league has grown in success, can speed up the process and allow us to deliver these awesome offerings even quicker.

If you would like to Donate to the EU CGL, please follow the dedicated PayPal donations links below.

Respectfully Yours

The EU CGL Board

Please Note: Before making a donation to the EU CGL you must be the card holder, account holder or have the bill payers permission. The EU CGL operates under a no refund policy.

What do donations pay for?


Software Licences, Graphical addons and plugins, premium vector graphics and stock images. Almost all graphics on the site have been designed from scratch, however, particular areas could be Improved with better tools.


Premium Features, Paid advertisements, Running costs of general marketing and community outreach. We currently don't spend a single penny advertising or marketing, the league has so far grown organically through word of mouth.

Dev System

Project Management tools (Example below) Advanced Plugins and Features, Professional Licences to enhance the current offerings. This is the primary area we will be using donated funds towards.

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