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My Setup & Recommendation - Dylankora - laminar Flow (OBJ)

What do I use:

First off my setup for PS4

Scuf infinity 4PS (the older model) ==> scuf is bae

Benq Zowie RL2455S monitor ==> 1ms response time so no delay

Kontrolfreek FPSFreek vortex (PS4 domed) ==> makes aiming more precise + controlable

Astro A10 wired headset ==> footsteps and callouts a 1m

Micro USB charger ==> comfortably playing while charging controller gigabit

ethernet cable ==> cable is better than wifi

What do I recommend:

A monitor is kind of necessary for competitive gaming since you don’t want to be at a disadvantage when playing.

It will make a big difference if your playing on a big tv and then start playing on a 24″/27″ monitor. Anything smaller is a bit small to play, anything bigger is a bit to big to play since you want constant eyes on that minimap!

A headset is also essential otherwise you can’t really hear enemy footsteps or even teammates. Sound through your tv is not a good option. I chose a headset with a jack that I just plug in my controller and that I can hear and speak easily to my teammates. 

A scuf is not necessary but will give you an advantage with your movement if used correctly since you can jump while aiming. The paddles are there so you don’t have to remove your thumb of your joystick to jump. The Kontrolfreeks are just a little help to improve your aim. It gives you more precision and it makes recoil easier to control.

– Dylan Kora – Laminar Flow


Player spotlight Q&A - IISAM93

MVP Total

Favourite food? Chinese
Favourite film? Saving Private Ryan
Favourite ever gun? ACR
Favourite ever map? Highrise
Favourite ever game? Cod4/MW2
Favourite cod player? Clayster
If you could team with one player who would it be? Scump (Pro)
Do you consider eyebrows as facial hair? No
Favourite colour ? Black
Who’s winning this years cod champs ? Optic
If you could have any super power what would it be and why? To fly, able to get around with ease
If you could have any job what would it be ? Pro gamer/Streamer
If you could spend the night with one celebrity who would it be ? Mila Kunis
If you inherited £100,000 how would you spend it ? New set up and paying off the mortgage
Pick one jet packs or Boots on the ground ? BOOTS ON THE GROUND


Rogue Gaming - Founders Season MVP CHampion