the founding of the eu cgl

Originally called the CVC League, and founded by SMG, the league was created to help Players and Teams develop their skills in a Call of Duty World League (CWL) ruleset environment.  At the dawn of 2019, a spark of ideas and imagination led to the league partnership between SMG, UGT, Rogue, Laminar Flow and FSG.  After weeks of dedicated planning and making new friendships, The European Community Gaming League (EUCGL) was born.  Bringing together players from all walks of life and from all four corners of Europe, the league continues to grow in size and strength.

The EUCGL has more capabilities and possibilities than ever before imagined, with the added experience and diversity of skills, The EUCGL has something to offer everyone.  The league partnership is focused on the community, offering a competitive yet friendly experience which in our honest opinion has been long forgotten about in many esports areas.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive not exclusive, offering players a personal experience while offering teams the transparency needed for them to compete to a high level of competitiveness.

We are all on this journey together, let’s see where it takes us……

a competite gaming league with community at itS HEART

EU CGL Early release features

  • Competitive league play
  • Individual team profiles
  • Stat tracking player profiles
  • Global MVP leaderboards
  • Live streamed events

eu cgl features planned for the future

  • New Teams and Players community hub
  • Live chat
  • Multiple new divisions
  • Leagues across different titles (e.g. Rocket League)
  • Request and search for scrims

League Stats


How many teams currently play in the league 


How many players take part in the league 

Season 2 Teams

The current number of teams scheduled for Season 2

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