Player/Team Profile Creation Q&A

The Player & Team EUCGL Database has finally landed, its been a long time in development and it’s not 100% complete but this new system will form the backbone of the league as we head into the future 

Q – Do you have to register to the website in order to take part in events/leagues/tournaments
A – Yes (if you don’t have a player profile you cannot compete, you have full access to your privacy features and who can view, access and connect with you)

Q – What does this mean for you as a player.
A – Every player in the league now has their own unique player profile that they can customise and personalise. You can add friends, Private message and public message each other. You can share videos, you twitch/youtube/twitter profiles and contribute to the community content as a whole. You can request to join a team, be invited to join a current team and even set up your own team.

Q – What does this mean for teams.
A – Once you have created your teams profile, you will be given access to invite players into your team from the player database. It is the team leaders full responsibility to ensure all team members are present within their teams profile. As your team engages in events and scheduled games, statistics and results and also achievements will start to fill up your profile. You can also assign team moderators if you have team captains who assist you.

Q – If I want my team to take part in the EUCGL Allstars Cup when does my team roster need to be completed and all members within in?
A – An official date hasn’t been set up yet but we would recommend being proactive and making a start on your player and team profiles now.

Q – How do I create a team? 
A – Select the “create group” option within the Team Database and complete all the steps required. If you notice your team doesn’t appear on the “team dropdown” don’t worry, you will need to inform either Craig Perkins or Belynda Joy Cowlard so they can screen your request to officially take part in league events and add your team into the leaderboard database. 

Q – The team profiles are empty, is this normal?
A – They team profiles are currently still in Beta testing and we will be adding content to these profiles over the coming weeks and months.

Q – I run more than one team, can I create multiple teams and run them all?
A – Not directly no you can’t, in order to avoid issues, every player has been given the ability to lead and run a single team profile. You can however, be assigned as a moderator within another team who you are also affiliated with or in charge of. This measure has been put in place to spread the responsibility of larger teams and to ensure a more stable experience for everyone. 

Q – I have a recommendation I would like to suggest, who do I contact?
A – That’ll be Craig Perkins but please give him 24/48 hours to respond.

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