A massive congratulations to Invictus Gaming who stormed through all their league games with confidence and passion. We caught up with Cain the leader of Invictus Gaming to see what he had to say about his teams success so far in the EUCGL and what is to come for him and his team in the future.

1) How does it feel knowing you are the winner of the EUCGL Premiership division – season 2? A struggle but it was good competition, enjoyed the games, but we had the confidence to win

2) Who was the toughest opponent you faced this season? toughest opponent was definitely TSU

3) Do you plan to retain your title going into season 3? Definitely

4) Who would you say has had the strongest season on your team? And why? Insnyc or ILLuSion by far, both incredible slayers

5) Was there any stage of a game where you thought you wasn’t going to win? Definitely not

6) Is there any team you think may be a challenge for next season? TSU

7) What do you think of all the changes that are going to be implemented into season 3? Definitely worth it as it’ll expand the franchise so external players can compete

8) What keeps you guys motivated for your games? Jokes, we just laugh all the time but when we need to focus we can, we’re confident that we can win games

9) What is key in the making of a title winning team like yourself? Communication and good leadership, as a leader I don’t stand for anything I tell people who can play and who can’t and if they don’t like it they can leave the team. Should be a privilege to play not an expectation.

10) Describe your team in three words. Un-Defeat-Ed

11) If there was one thing you could change about this season what would it be? The amount of people who backed out the league and more people in the league

12) how do you guys prepare for a league game? That’s a secret

13) how will your team celebrate your win? Grinding League

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