The EUCGL Evolution


The EUCGL officially opened its doors on the 22nd January 2019. The league was founded to help players and teams develop their skills in a Call of Duty World League (CWL) ruleset environment.  At the dawn of 2019, a spark of ideas and imagination led to a league partnership between a group of small casual gaming communities.  After weeks of dedicated planning and making new friendships, The European Community Gaming League (EUCGL) was born.  Bringing together players from all walks of life and from all over Europe, the league continues to grow in size and strength.

After a rather rocky start to a campaign throughout season one, we knew we had some serious reviewing to do. Our focus on our final destination and what we wanted to achieve often went challenged as the community almost tripled in size and another 16 teams signed up for season two. Rules that were put in place to protect the sportsmanship of the league, tore a massive divide right down the centre of the leagues competitors. Long seasons also wreaked havoc on team stability as players moved around frequently and confusion around Transfer rules caused chaos. Something needed to change.


As the League enters into a new chapter, many changes will be coming to the EUCGL with a focus on competition, team stability and most importantly community enjoyment and involvement. 

The current divisional system and long seasons will make way for a fresher and much more intense style of competition. Each season will be played out between 32/64 teams who will enter into 8/16 qualifying pools. Nobody, not even the League Producers will know how the pools will shape up until the “live draw” which will be held the weekend before a season kicks off on the following Wednesday over on the Official EUCGL twitch channel.

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Once teams have been placed into their pools, the season kicks off officially as teams battle it out to place either in the top 2 or they fall down into the bottom 2. The great news is that either way the season isn’t finished for any teams. The pools decide which 16/32 teams progress into the “Upper Bracket” and which teams progress into the “Lower Bracket”.

This system effectively divides all entered teams down the middle and allows them to battle it out over the course of a single weekend through a single elimination style tournament. teams will have to battle it out through a last 16, quarter-final, semi-final, the bracket final and then the EUCGL Finals Final where both Bracket final winners will play a match in a winner takes all epic match-up. You heard that correct. If you had a bad turn of luck and end up in the lower bracket you can still run away with the final prize so nobody is ever truly out of the running. 

We will also be shrinking down the roster size for season entry to 6/7 members to ensure teams can focus more on unity and consistency. Larger Clans are free to enter more than one team. As of Season 3 we will be making away with the rules regarding Bodyshooting etc to enable less of a backlog of complaints. We will also be throwing out the card system, however, if individuals break the EUCGL Code of Conduct, they will be removed instantly from the league without hesitation. i.e  gross-misconduct. Finally we shall be moving away from the current system of pre-determined maps and adopting a Veto System for map selection, allowing teams to tactically ban and select maps in each series. 

As we enter into this new and exciting chapter, we hope you join us as we prepare to kick off the highly anticipated season 3, officially going by the name of “The EUCGL Allstar Cup”. Stay tuned as the prize pool (yes a prize pool with no entry fee) is announced and possibly the most gorgeous looking Trophy you’ve ever laid eyes upon are all up for grabs. 

Here over at the EUCGL we are looking to do things differently and we WILL stand out from the crowd. Although we currently only offer PS4 Call of Duty leagues, our vision stretches far beyond this, covering other game titles and other platforms as well.  

We pride ourselves on being inclusive not exclusive, offering players a personal experience while offering teams the transparency needed for them to compete to a high level of competitiveness.

We are all on this journey together, let’s see where it takes us


League Director

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